1. Highway Cleaning
• Highway Cleaning will be carried out with mechanical sweeper
• Manual Cleaning will be carried out where Mechanical sweeper does not have access regularly.

2. Maintenance of Pavement
• Maintenance of pavement will be carried out regularly to permit safe, smooth & uninterrupted flow of traffic on the Highway.

3. Maintenance of Median
• Grass cutting & disposal of cut grass in median will be carried out regularly.
• Disposal of muck, cut grass, weeds, polythene bags, cloth pieces, stones, leaves will be carried out regularly.
• Dead plants will be identified and replaced as and when required.
• Watering will be carried out as per the frequency of operations.
• Tree pruning will be carried out as and when required.

4. Maintenance of C.D Structures
• Structural cleaning of the pipe culverts, box culvert, underpass
• Cleaning of Bridges

5. Maintenance of Toll Plaza & Other Buildings
• Litter & debris around the toll plaza will be cleaned every day.
• The pavement surface will be cleaned every day.
• The cash/card lanes will be cleaned once every day or more frequently if required.
• Maintenance of electrical installations.
• Maintenance & inspection of drainage/sanitation systems.

6. Maintenance of Passenger Shelters
• Cleaning of passenger shelters will be done regularly.
• Collection & disposal of litter from litter bins.

7. Maintenance of Road Furniture & Highway Signs
• All the kilometer stones will be kept 100% clean of dust & obstruction.
• All traffic signs will be kept clean, visible & in correct alignment & position.
• Any damages to the traffic signs will be rectified with full and clear visibility.
• Posters on sign board will be removed.
• Signs board will be cleaned periodically to maintain the retro reflectivity.
• Routine maintenance of sign boards includes replacement of sign boards, straightening of posts, removing of weeds and tree limbs where the signs are obscured.

8. Maintenance of Pedestrian Rails & Crash Barrier
• Pedestrian guardrails provided at passenger shelters/urban areas will be cleaned frequently.
• The damaged crash barriers will be rectified/repair instantly.
• The rectification of the pedestrian guard rails which are damaged would be rectified immediately.
• Junctions, median openings, high embankment and curves will be cleaned frequently.