On exterior surfaces of your facility, build up of dirt, grime, mold and mildew can cause rot, decay and liabilities on your site, costing more in future renovations and repairs. Regularly having your property’s exterior cleaned can help drastically cut down on these costly repairs.

Power washing is a revolutionary high speed technique to water blast the surfaces using powerful high pressure cleaning units and commercial Janitorial supplies to achieve high standards of cleanliness and appearance. Power washing takes care of non hazardous spills, Oil stains, grime, algae or mildew, tyre traces, graffiti or other cleaning jobs requiring water flushing.  Power washing is critical to the maintenance and upkeep of a property’s appearance.

Our Power washing systems are some of today’s fastest and most affective. Our Mobile high pressure equipment is mounted on vehicles/trucks having water holding tanks capacity ranging from 750 litres to 6000 litres for areas that have no direct access to water hookups.

We provide comprehensive power washing services for Parking lots, Open Shopping Arcades / Food Courts, Walkways / Drive Thus, Fascia, Walks, Columns, Sign Boards etc.